Monday, May 4, 2009

Douchebag of the Week #3: Playgirl Cover Model

This guy is going to brag about being a Playgirl Cover Man in 2005 at every opportunity and then act too cool in his bio. What a Douchebag.

You're a model? Really? Did you feel the need to reinforce that claim by posting a topless profile picture?

The one thing I am curious about though is what he does for a living: exotic dancer, drug-dealer, rent boy, trust fund guy? Why the ambiguity?

Here's the profile for this week's Douchebag.

* 34-year-old man
* seeking women 18-46

About my life and what I'm looking for:
I have been voted one of the top 20 most eligible bachelors of [city, state]. I just got back from climbing the K2 backwards, barefooted without complaining. I have been told that I have a dynamic personality by my chinese pug Stormin Norman. I guess one favorite past time that I could share with you would be.. one time I was running through the Hollywood Hills naked when I got scoped out by Playgirl magazine and landed the December 2005 cover and centerfold issue. Heide told me that I am the benchmark to which all other men are judged by at her Bordello in Vegas. I continuously amaze others as well as myself.

For fun:
Rock Climbing Mountain Biking Traveling Snow Boarding Football Basketball

My job:
You'll just have to meet me to find out

My ethnicity:

Favorite hot spots:
Axis Radius, Seven 7, Dos Gringo's, Mi Cocina's, Bronx, Steel

Favorite things:
Asain Food Fav color - Blue When its raining - stay inside and drink wine Shopping - Plano...for obvious reasons Fav Book - Your Best Life Now, A million little pieces

Last read:
Playboy..haha jk


Eclipse75048 said...

What the fuck is "asain"? If I were part "asain", I'd learn how to spell it.

I'm thinking his job is a gay Plano (for obvious reasons).

NobodyofValue said...

Guy goes to the beach and sells ice cream off his bicycle-ice cream truck combo. Can't get much once you fizzled out, and Since his photo shoot was Dec 2005, I'd say Jan 2005 he was fizzled out lol