Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like #3: Vanilla Ice

Hey, Vanilla Ice, stop winking at me. I am sorry, but I’m just not interested.

When I was 13, I really dug “Ice, Ice Baby”. I still dance and sing along to it when it comes on at 80s night in the club, and I felt sorry for you after you were on VH1’s “Surreal Life”. I respect that you’ve grown as a person since your days as “Vanilla”, but hey – aren’t you married? Why the hell are you on an on-line dating website? You fuck! I hope you wife finds out and cuts your fucking balls off. You have now ruined, “Ice” for me forever. Thanks a lot you fucking asshole.

“I grabbed my nine, all I heard were shells”

Vanilla’s profile does not mention his stint on a reality TV show or rap:

I am in a great place in my life now. I like my career, love my family and friends, and enjoy life. I have a happy go lucky personality and look forward to sharing that with someone one day. Basically, if I am not working I am working out at the gym, but I like to do so many things.

For Fun:
I love to hang out with family and friends. In my free time I get to the gym 6 days a week. I enjoy movies and great food. I love being active and making the most of each day. We only live once!

My Religion:
I am a strong believer but like many of us I have not been as active in the church as I need to. Looking forward to improving in that area.

Favorite Hot Spots:
I love to try as many restaurants as I can. As far as traveling anything tropical, but one trip I would love to go on is an Alaskan Crusie I hear great things about it.


Anonymous said...

One big plus is at-least he has friends.

Why is it the all guys like the same things?
"Hanging out with friends and family"
"being active"
"Movies and great food"

Has it really come down to the point where guys passions are a quotation?

NobodyofValue said...

Heh... I love walks on the beach... and laying in vast open fields filled with colorful flowers. I love to take girls shopping and buy them anything they want, I also really love driving a girl anywhere, doing anything romantic, cuddly and cute, including love movies.... I also have skull tattoos and LOVE BDSM and listen to metal...

like Johnnyo312 pointed out, apparently all guys like these things...or copy paste a girls profile. lol