Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrity Look-a-Like #2: Leonardo DiCaprio

This guy has posted a main profile picture that looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio (and the photo looks doctored as well) even though in the 20 other pictures posted on his profile, the resemblance is minimal at best. Why do this? It can’t be helping him out with the ladies, because this profile has been up for over a year.

One theory about these celebrity look-a-likes is that they are actually fake profiles: helping to spiff up on-line dating websites with hotties. I have spoken to a number of men that claim they have run into a fake profile or two. They said that a really hot woman would contact them right before their subscription ran out, prompting him to renew, but after the renewal, the emails from the hot girl mysteriously stop. Maybe these guys are in denial they got rejected, but quite a number of guys seem to have the same story.

I have also spoken to another guy who is convinced that one fake chic profile he came across is actually a money scam. He had met a girl on his dating website, and they began emailing. After a few weeks, she started asking him to “invest” in her business. Another guy claims he stumbled upon 4 fake profiles during the first couple of months he was registered. Now he claims he can sniff them out a mile away.

This makes me wonder if “Leo” is just some idiot guy who doctored his photo so he looks like douchenozzle Leonardo DiCaprio in a lame attempt to meet women, or if this is one of those fake profiles I keep hearing about.

Buyer beware.

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