Thursday, March 26, 2009

Douchebag of the Week #1: Fake Rasta

So, you think ‘cause you got dreadlocks and listen to reggae you are Rasta? Wrong. You are a dirty hippie, not a religious guru. Piss off and go take a bath.

Here are Rasta’s details:
A Rastaman ina the city looking for love and happiness in these troubled and turbulent times, when so many are led astray.. Im 35, raised but not born here in __________, but it is the land that I love most of all, I haven't traveled very much around the world, (I WANT TO).

I am a fiber artist and spend time weaving beautiful creations from my vast collection of Yarn.

I like Gardening, Exploring Nature, collecting music and going to concerts, Mostly Reggae and World Music - I am A Rastafarian and I am guided by the Most High in my works and actions. I try to live a clean and upfull life, staying positive and keeping love in my heart. Im looking for someone to join me on this life journey as Im getting to that point when I want to settle and start a family, Jah willing... anything else you want to know, just link with me at your convenience

Moms side of the family is from England/Wales […] Dad's side is from Belarus/Poland area, […] People say I look Russian...

my religion:
I am A Rastaman

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Anonymous said...

Wait, did you make this up or was this seriously his profile?

Oddly when posting this comment my word verification was "hydro"