Friday, March 20, 2009

Things Not To Post On Your On-Line Dating Profile: Lesson #1

Please do not post an unflattering photo of yourself for your primary photo. Always be mindful that the primary photo that you post on your on-line dating profile is the first thing anyone sees. First impressions are detrimental to your success, or unsuccess in the on-line dating realm. Therefore, do not post a photo of your old, sour-faced, unattractive, shirtless ass in your nasty, disease-ridden, green-watered hot tub. You are not offering the female race anything good here.

The hot-tub looks like it should be condemned and you need to put a shirt on.


Rockstar said...

God, no kidding - put on some clothes fat boy!!

Eclipse75048 said... that Dick Cheney?

Tricia the Rhino Lover said...

omg- that is too funny. this is my old blog that i used while i studied abroad. i forgot i had it until today. =) let's go out soon! going to any uyes this week?