Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Not To Post On Your On-Line Dating Profile: Lesson 5

Once again, remember that any main profile picture you post on your on-line dating profile will be the first thing people see, and will therefore be the first impression you send to the on-line world.

Ladies, if you are brazen enough to post a main profile picture of yourself with a stripper pole: you better own that pole with effervescent confidence. This poor girl looks intimidated and awkward.

Photos with stripper poles also reek of desperation. Personally, I think any pictures with stripper poles are only going to attract a certain type of male; but if you don’t mind an inbox full of emails from mouth-breathing, crotch-watchers: go ahead.

One more thing, on-line daters should be aware of contradictory messages they could be sending out. Don’t tell us you’re not into material things and then put down “Confessions of a Shop-A-Holic” as the last thing you read.

Here are wanna-be stripper’s details:

Hopefully there is such a thing as a "perfect match"... that remains to be seen. I'm looking for someone who has some ambition and is just as crazy as I am. Can jump up at a whim and take off or just take it easy and relax. Be social w/ all types of people, as I have a wide variety of friends and doesn't want to keep me in the shadows. I don't want to pay your bills or support don't ask!! Be real and be yourself :)

Favorite things:
Italian food, movies w/ dry sarcastic humor, cooking w/ friends and family, love all types of music, shopping-especially if shoes are involved! ha ha. Overall my favorite things aren't really matrerial-they are the things in life that make me smile:)

Last read:
Confessions of a shop-a-holic


Sarah K said...

maybe she's just in a *really* fancy subway car??

NobodyofValue said...

HAHAHAHA! Stripper poles make me giggle. Nothing says, Hey I want you to do me, like taking off your clothes and shaking your ass in someones face. But that's not a hoe thing to do, right?

And as for the Glass Parking Lot...
Lemme know where you got your ship at port. Sangrias are definitley calling this old soldier's name. And of course, pirate ships on open water=hair raising adventures of the high sea! (Johnny Depp Taught me that.)

Kiefer and Emo said...

We are suddenly very glad to be asexual.