Friday, June 19, 2009

On-Line Dating Email Etiquette: Lesson 2

When contacting someone you are interested in from an on-line dating website do not harass them through email after they do not respond to your initial communication.

If you email a girl and she doesn’t respond: she's not interested. Continuing to barrage her with emails will not make her change her mind and makes you look desperate and mentally unbalanced.

Also, calling a girl racist in order to guilt her into contacting you is fucking pathetic. Furthermore, after you call her racist, do not email her a comment about her tits, loser. You just validated any reason she had for not emailing you back in the first place.

Oh, and one more thing: Try spelling out words like “you” and “you’re” and try spelling “is” properly. LOL Cats is pissed you’re ripping off his shtick.

Here is the barrage of emails an admirer sent to a reader of mine.

Subject: hmmmm Sent Date: 5/9/2009
Without music there would be a lot more crazy people in the world! Its beautiful like love, sex, and most of nature.PURE

Subject: so... Sent Date: 5/11/2009
What's up...I think ur really cute..I would like to chat if ur somewhat interested:)

Subject: ???? Sent Date: 5/20/2009
Please tell me ur not one of those females who view my profile everyday...but doesn't say hi?!?

Subject: hey Sent Date: 5/23/2009
Ur hot!:)

Subject: hey Sent Date: 5/25/2009
Text me if u want [Name] [phone number]

Subject: TGIF:p Sent Date: 5/29/2009
Yeah Yeah.....IM @ [name]music on yahoo if u want!

Subject: ???? Sent Date: 5/31/2009
I like the new pics;) why won't u talk to me....iz it cause I'm not or maybe didn't life styles....idk....u should let me rock ur world:)

Subject: So… Sent Date: 6/5/2009
Can't say I'm not disappointed! I guess u fall in the catagory of those females that stalk the profile but never say hi even after I've contacted jus gets frustrating, I think ur really cute and u seem down to earth, BUT...guess I'll never know!

Subject: my goodness:p Sent Date: 6/10/2009
I notice something else other than ur wing span :p
Very nice

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