Thursday, October 8, 2009

Douchebag Of The Week #6: The Married Guy

Yes, some of the people on these on-line dating websites are married and looking to cheat on their spouses. It happens in real life, unfortunately, and it happens in the on-line realm as well. Some of these married people looking for sexual encounters or girl/boy friends lie and say they're single. Others will tell you their marital status after they lure you in.

I have met some people while on-line dating who have told me they run into married men on occasion. Many times these cheaters do not post pictures on their profiles, just in case someone who knows them runs across it and tells their spouse. I also met one guy who told me about a date he went on where the husband of his date caught her out on a date with him, in the middle of said date. The husband flipped out – rightfully so. This guy had no idea his date was married.

Some people are just assholes and cheat. Look out for these self-serving fuck-sticks as you on-line date, just as you would as you met folks in the bars, nightclubs, and sporting events of real world. Beware of the pictureless profile in particular, although not all cheaters are scared of posting pictures.

An acquaintance of mine recently signed up for an on-line dating site called OKCupid and started communicating with a guy she was interested in, who by all intents and appearances - looks like a single guy in his profile. Check out the Instant Message conversation she had with this cum-wad:

Him: so, when do you want me to come over?

Her: haha well we can meet somewhere first

Him: sounds good to me

Her: cool

Him: you are very pretty tho

Her: thanks thats sweet

Him: @}--->----- for you

Her: haha thanks

Him: youre welcome

Her: :)

Him: ;P

Her: so when do you want to meet up

Him: i dont know. sometime.

Her: ok

Him: i will tell you this. i am married. you can hate me if you want.

Her: ok yeah why are you on here if you are married

Him: long story, but i am looking for a casual encounter. i have my reasons and like i said, long story

Her: ok yeah well i am not interested

Him: thats fine

Him: i respect that

Her: ok

Her: bye

Him: have a great day


mysterg said...

At the least the guy was honest about it before they even met.

And for all we know his wife could be in a coma or paralysed or she may have given him permission to get his needs satisfied elsewhere...or he could just be a douchebag!

Mr. Apron said...

Hm..... yeah....

My money's on "douchebag."

And I don't have lots of money, but you can put all of it down on that.

S.E. Sward said...

Long story my ass! What an asshole. I feel sorry for his wife. If he's looking for a casual encounter, he can hang out in airport bars and lounges, for fuck's sake!

Miss Peregrin said...

Douchebag. Judging by the lame excuse the "long story" is something along the lines of "I'm not attracted to my wife anymore, but I'm too much of a pussy to admit it, so I'm looking to tap some cheap ass in the meantime."

BTW, I love your blog. Keep on swashbuckling!

One Sassy Girl said...

Classic! What a wanker. Or yes, D-bag is fitting too. Great post. These guys amaze/shock/depress me.

Joanne said...

Ohhh its just so frikken common I am so sad to say. Back several years ago one online friend and I were having "fun" on a site. She and I were on IM and she pointed me to a site that was for the purpose of married people to hook up with singles or other married - whatever. We were just playing and to look you had to set up a profile so I set mine up - I was a female - period -nothing else.
We goofed around that night - felt sorry for all the losers and their profiles and signed off.

The next day she asked me how many hits I had to my profile on that site - I hardly remembered the site let alone thought about looking at it. OMG there were no less than 100 e-mails wanting to meet up - all I said was I was female.

Honestly it made me so sad for the state of marriages today -- I quickly deleted the profile and never looked again. In a word I was apalled!! I could get into all my reasons for my zero tolerance of infidelity but that's for my blog.